Saturday, 4 April 2015

To love or not to love

At my age now, people would still think that I'm too young to think about serious relationships. But hey, it doesn't matter. To me, at any age you should be mature enough in thinking the consequences of a relationship. And I do admit I was foolish at relationships during my past.

Here's a little bit story about my love life.

During my school years, I thought that I need to have a boyfriend and to be in a relationship. Good guys I know are only meant to be friends but then I have a taste for jerks. I mean, not literally. But it somehow happened. I was so mesmerized by words and didn't even realize that it was me doing all the actions. Believe it or not, and I'm not saying bad things much about my exes, but yeah I was the one who got dumped. Reasons like "You didn't pay much attention to me" or "I saw you with this guy..." or even "I looked for a new one because I got bored of you". Oh how much it hurts that those words made me kinda heartless then. But I remembered about  this one relationship of mine that lasted for 2 years, he actually took some actions to spend time with although it was quite a long distance relationship. He was so kind and lovely, that my parents actually didn't mind him. We broke up because of the images of me and some guys who were my teammates and he thought that I cheated on him. I didn't even get the chance to explain (please don't simply assume and talk it out if you want your relationship to last). Few years later, people said that I've changed. Although in those years I have still known few jerks (sorry not sorry). Once I've started my studies in university, I actually didn't had a thought of being in a relationship. Yes, I may know some guys but none of them are ones I would have as a boyfriend (no offense please). But then again, I knew a guy somehow and my first impression to him was not so good as I had this feelings of "He might just be the same as the rest". Yet I regretted for it, cause he was the exact opposite from what I thought. Guess what? He is now my boyfriend! And what comes in our future, we believed in Kun Fayakun "what will happen, will happen". I know some of you might think that I am easily attracted to guys. Well honestly, I'm not. Keep your opinions to yourself and we'll see how it goes. 


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