Friday, 10 April 2015

Late night thoughts

Its 3:40 am and I just finished reading a Malay novel entitled "Setia Hujung Nyawa" (tak sedar diri nak exam lusa). The moral of the story is that you accept someone's past and believed in Allah that everything happened for a reason, Kun Fayakun. 

But the parts I dislike about the story is when the husband almost fell for his lust, and when a girl is trying to flirt with someone's husband. I actually threw the novel away after reading those parts.

After I was done, thoughts came to me and I really hate when I overthink things that I would not know will happen or not in the future. Who would know what will happen in the future?

Things I worried most in after marriage life are like someone messing with the relationship, or doing sins to release stress.

"O Allah, I beg of you. Bestowed me a bright future with a great husband, great family and a happy life. As I do not ask much more from it. Protect my family now and the ones in the future. Bring me light and shine my way through to Jannah. As you are the Almighty one. Amin"

From Allah it happened, and to Allah you shall seek for. Every time I get this bad feelings or thoughts, I du'a that Allah has great plans for me and all I need is to be patient. 

"Good things come to those who wait"

I just hope and wish that all these bad thoughts and feelings will go away, that one day, all I could think of are just great memories. In shaa Allah. 


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