Thursday, 2 April 2015

Let's try this one more time

Well, hello, hi, assalamualaikum, anyeonghaseyo. I guess this time I should really pay a little bit more of attention to my blog since I kept forgetting bout it. There's not much of anything about my blog, but hey, if you're interested in MY stories, then go ahead! I made my blog a little simpler this time as I'm just a rookie. And why I put "One Gender, Two Looks"? Cause people around me have been saying that I kinda have two personalities inside me, both as a guy and a girl. With my short hair this time, they also said that I look either boyish or girlish, kinda depends on what I wear at that time. A little bit about me, well uhh, I'm a GIRL definitely, born in '96, currently in a relationship, I love sports (especially squash and basketball), and I have a really BIG appetite for food. I might look or act like a rebel in reality, but I do listen to any kind of music genre besides hardcore music. So I hope I could dedicate myself to this blog even more next time, sorry cause I'm quite bad with my English, and hopefully there will be more stories then and now.


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