Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I don't feel the pain anymore

"Memories will either haunt you or cherish you, it depends. But always remember how strong you were moving on and look forward rather than being depressed about it."

I was shocked that my 2 years of ex suddenly mentioned me on Twitter (if you're reading this, yes, I'm telling a story about you) asking me for a followback as he wanted to ask me something, and so I did. He direct message me asking whether if I still have all his baby pictures with me. Well unfortunately, it went away with the flood long ago. I was sorry but yet teary a little bit because he asked about it so that I would give him back. Well actually I really want to give everything back to him including a journal and a picture book I used to make for him. Another surprise was that he remembered that I always put all his pictures in my purse. Gosh! As to prove that I no longer have his pictures, I took a picture of a box he used to gave me for my 15th birthday present. You can have it back if you want to. I still wear the Baby-G watch you gave me too for the 4th year. After the short conversation, he actually said sorry for disturbing me and that I could unfollow him. So I replied with a smile the he also could block me, again, as he has blocked me before (which I do not know why cause I remembered we only had a small chat and nothing went wrong bout it, but nevermind!). Suddenly, all the memories came flying through my mind. But it didn't brought me to tears at all. I was surprised. All I want is so that he would accept the fact that I've changed and my past and our pasts are just history, as in all my faults should be forgotten. People are right, it is hard to be friends again with your past. But we went well before, what happened? I'm not being hypocritical about the friendship thing. I just don't want to make enemies. It is very useless to do so. But I gotta face the truth that we both really moved on and got our lives back on track, I agree. Here's to a new beginning! Cheers!


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